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Available Services

Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatments relieve tension and promote relaxation, and can be done hands-on, hands-off, or at a distance. By releasing energy blockages and triggering the relaxation response, Reiki helps the body to heal itself. Reiki can be used for chronic or acute injuries, illnesses and conditions, and works at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Reiki is also very beneficial in palliative care situations, both for the person preparing to leave their body, and for those who will be left behind. Both physical pain and emotional distress can be greatly reduced.

Karuna Reiki®

करुण Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning Compassionate Action.

Karuna Reiki® is an even more powerful set of Reiki energies, use of which enables even deeper and more rapid relaxation and healing on every level. It strengthens the connection of the practitioner to Source and to the recipient.

As we continue to evolve energetically as a species, and as more and more individuals consciously raise our energetic vibration, we are becoming able to hold and work with higher and deeper levels of energy. As we evolve, so does the Reiki energy. The latest step in this evolution is Holy Fire Reiki, more powerful and beautiful but still very much Reiki. It works on the practitioner constantly, whether they are consciously practicing on themselves or not, thus creating a purer and more effective channel for the Reiki energy to flow for treatment recipients and students.

Reiki Treatments for Animals

Reiki sessions with animals can aid healing of injuries and illnesses. Great benefits can also result when dealing with emotional and behavioural issues, by energetically bridging the communication gap and going directly to the source. Animals respond well to positive energy, and generally appreciate Reiki when it is offered respectfully, and when they are given the choice of whether, how and for how long to receive it.

Much physical pain and emotional anxiety can be relieved in a dying animal by giving Reiki, and it is also very beneficial during and after the passing process for the people and other animals in the household.

In this photo, Benji is heartbroken by the recent death of a beloved cat friend, and wants nothing more than to hold hands with me and receive Reiki that way.

Reiki Training

Anyone can be attuned to Reiki ~ literally "tuned in" to the frequency, just like a radio ~ and will be able to channel Reiki for the rest of their life after the Level I attunement. Reiki can be done for oneself or others.

Reiki Level I and Level II are each taught as one-day courses, and can also be combined into a weekend program. The Advanced/Master Level is taught as a three-day course.  

Level II gives access to higher and subtler energies, and use of three symbols to increase the power of the energy, focus on mental and emotional healing, and give distance Reiki treatments.

The Advanced/Master Level provides access to yet higher energy frequencies and an additional symbol. A Reiki Master is also able to teach and attune others. Holy Fire ignition is available at the Master level.

Animal Reiki Level I, II and Advanced/Master classes are also available. These provide approaches and techniques that are very respectful of the free will of the animals. Much of the focus is on self-healing, as the more calm and peaceful we are, the more likely we are to gain an animal's trust, and their willing participation in their own healing. The Reiki energy and attunements are the same, and someone trained in Animal Reiki is equally qualified to treat themselves and other humans.

Karuna Reiki® also has three levels, and is only taught to those who are already Reiki Masters and have been so for at least one year, so that the energetic system is ready to receive the additional Karuna energies. Level I and II include four new symbols each. The Karuna Reiki® Master class provides a master symbol and the ability to teach and to provide the attunements. Studying Karuna Reiki® allows Reiki practitioners to expand our practice and deepen our connection to source.

Distance Reiki

Using the Level II distance symbol, Reiki can be sent to anyone anywhere. Generally, a photograph of the person or animal is used to make the energetic connection and maintain focus, and often a pillow, doll or teddy bear is used as a surrogate to position the hands.

Distance Reiki can be especially useful with animals, in order not to disturb them by intruding on their home environment or taking them out of it. It often works best if the first treatment can be done "in person", to introduce the animal to the practitioner and the Reiki energy, so they know what to expect.

Distance Reiki

Sound and Reiki are both vibration, and can both be used to clear space, release negativity, calm the mind, soothe the emotions, raise the spirits, heal the sick and connect to Divine Energy.

Incorporating sound elements like chimes, drum, bell, rattle, singing bowl and toning into a Reiki treatment can greatly enhance its effectiveness. The Reiki energy flows with the sound waves during a treatment, often accessing deeper levels of healing.

Crystal Healing

The healing properties of crystals and stones, and the energy conducting and amplifying effects of clear quartz crystals, can be combined with the life-force energy of Reiki to direct and greatly enhance the healing effect of the treatment.

Stones can be used in the hands of the Reiki practitioner, or placed on and around the body of the recipient. Crystal healing grids can be arranged all around the recipient to create an energetic healing chamber into which Reiki energy is channeled and magnified.

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Misdirected life force is the activity in disease process.
Disease has no energy save what it borrows from the life of the organism.
is by adjusting the life force that healing must be brought about.
~ Buddha ~