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Here are some other sites you may find helpful and interesting:

Reiki Organizations

International Centre for Reiki Training

Reiki Membership Association

Reiki News Magazine

Canadian Reiki Association

International Association of Reiki Professionals

International House of Reiki

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki Source

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Animal Rescue & Adoption

Finding homes for all kinds of animals, all over Canada and the USA

Rescue & adoptions throughout Ontario, Canada

Rescue & adoptions in Toronto, Canada

Rescue & adoptions in Guelph, Canada

Animal Wellness Organizations & Events

The Healthy Barker

Sound & Music

The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

Bhaktifest Chanting Festival

Let all life be sacred.

Then this world will be a paradise of beauty,

a heaven of peace and tranquility.

Smile with the flowers and the green grass.

Play with the butterflies, birds and deer.

Shake hands with the shrubs, ferns and twigs of trees.

Talk to the rainbow, wind, stars and the sun.

Converse with the running brooks and the waves of the sea.

Speak with the walking stick.

Develop friendship with your neighbours: dogs, cats, cows,

human beings, trees, flowers, etc.

Then you will have a wide, perfect, rich, full life.

You will realize oneness or unity of life.

This can hardly be described in words.

You will have to feel it yourself.

~ Swami Sivananda, from Bliss Divine ~