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Sound Healing

Like Reiki, sound is vibration. Like Reiki, sound and music can be used to clear away energetic blockages and raise our own vibration, with calming, cheering and healing effects.

Most religions and wisdom traditions use sacred vocal and instrumental sounds in some way, including to clear negativity, invoke positive energy, create community, raise the spirit, heal the sick and connect directly to the Divine.

Sound can also be used in meditation to effectively focus the mind and deepen concentration.

Mantras, Chanting & Kirtan

Mantras are sacred syllables in the ancient Sanskrit language. They can be as short and sweet as OM ~ pictured here ~ or many lines long. Each is attuned to a very specific positive vibration, and the more we chant it, the more we will attune ourselves to that vibration and embody that positive quality. Many mantras are recitations of divine names, and by chanting them we align ourselves directly with the Divine. These mantras are said to be the very sound forms of god.

Chanting generally refers to the rhythmic repetition of a mantra many times, alone or in a group, aloud or silently in the mind.

Kirtan is a joyful form of devotional singing, traditionally in Sanskrit, with the leader singing each line and the group singing it back. It can be done with mantras set to music, or with any other type or tradition of spiritual songs. It is the primary practice of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion.

I first heard the beautiful mantra you are listening to from chant artist Lana Sugarman and felt deeply moved. Then she told us the English translation, my hair stood up and Reiki flowed from my hands ~ a spontaneous Reiki invocation.

Karagre vasate Lakshmi          On the tips of my fingers lies abundance

Kara madhye Saraswati           In the middle of my palms lies wisdom

Kara mule sthita Gauri             At the base of my hands lies Divine Power

Prabhate kara darshanam         There is a vision of Energy in my hands

Karagre Vasate

by Lana Sugarman



Whenever we let out a big, long vocalized aaahhh of satisfaction or relaxation, we are toning. The term toning simply refers to sustained vocal sounds used to invoke or establish a particular vibration. They can also be associated with a particular colour, and with a part of the body, or a chakra (energy centre) in a corresponding part of our energetic body (aura).

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments commonly used in sound healing include drums, bells, rattles, chimes, tuning forks, and crystal and seven-metal singing bowls.

A drum beating slowly and rhythmically can clear the mind and provide a deep focus for healing meditation. A very rapid drum beat can be used to relax the mind to a point where it enters the theta brain wave state, highly open to learning and healing.

Bells, chimes, rattles and tuning forks can all be used to dispel negative energy and out-of-control thought patterns, and to invoke positive energy and states of mind.

Singing bowls can be used the same way when struck. When induced to sing, their beautiful notes provide a bridge for the spirit straight to the Divine.

Reiki & Sound Healing

Reiki and sound healing harmoniously combine to provide a powerful healing experience ~ opening the heart, calming the mind, uplifting the spirit, relaxing the body. The Reiki travels on the sound waves (or is it the other way around?) to go deeply into heart and soul.

During a Reiki treatment, sound can be used effectively to ease resistance and dispel negativity, allowing the Reiki energy to work more deeply.

During mantra chanting and kirtan, Reiki flows through the instruments and voices, the hearts and minds, to magnify the healing effects and enhance the spiritual experience.

The first place you meet yourself is in vibration.

~ Manorama ~