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What People are Saying

It is a great blessing to share the gift of Reiki

with others ~ students and clients,

humans and animals.

Here is some feedback received:

Animal Reiki Students

"This class was fantastic! The combination of theory plus hands-on, as well as indoor and outdoor practicums were great. LOVED the donkeys - what beautiful creatures. Marci is a natural teacher, and explains things in multiple ways very clearly." ~ CW, Life Coach, Energy Therapist & Speaker

"Marci has a calm, friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and open teaching style that makes learning Reiki with her a great experience! Great balance of theory, practice and hands-on techniques. I love the examples. Awesome setting for this class!" ~ KL, School Ground Design Consultant

"Overall was a great course with a lot of information. Will be recommending it!"

~ LH, House Cleaner

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Enlightening, energizing, yet brings a sense of calm and pleasure. Loved the chanting and mantras. A wonderful and fulfilling opportunity." ~ LW, Volunteer & Retired Teacher

"The visual, auditory, sensory and tactile supports around the classroom and the Sanctuary were lovely. I hope my path will cross with yours, as well as those of the other wonderful participants I've met this weekend. Thank you so very much!!" ~ JD, Retired Secondary Teacher, Student of Life

"Was a great learning experience: practice, attunements, comfort level in the surroundings and with other participants (great group, very caring), time with the donkeys. Looking forward to incorporating what I've learned into daily practice. Enjoyed both sessions more than anticipated." ~ LP, Retired, and Happy Volunteer

"Absolutely changed my life in many ways. Highly recommend. Thank you and many blessings." ~ JN

"I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Marci. I have already taken Reiki Level I & II twice, yet learned so much more this weekend. Marci has a wonderful, generous spirit and is easy to learn from. I LOVED going to the Donkey Sanctuary! Working with larger animals was a very powerful experience for me." ~ TR, Guelph ON

This was fantastic, better than I thought. I really liked the flow of the course; it had a beautiful rhythm to it. You felt incredibly calm and at peace. Thank you - I learned so much that I will use always.

~ AM, Teacher, Edmonton AB

Marci has a peaceful, reassuring and positive energy. Marci loves animals and loves to share her knowledge. This class has inspired me to go deeper and to continue to help animals. Thank you, Marci, for showing how Reiki gives a greater spiritual connection to my rescued cats and all other creatures.

~ AMJ, Admin Assistant, Toronto ON

Level I & II Animal Reiki with Marci was an uplifting and empowering experience for me. It has also given me the tools to connect more deeply with the students and animal friends in my life. I enjoyed the use of bells, chimes and singing bowls. I also loved the meditation at the end, and the wild deer it attracted!

~ TW, Yoga Instructor, Sherwood Park AB

Marci has a tremendous depth of sincerity and commitment which is inspiring. She is passionate about animals and an inspired Reiki practitioner and teacher. I highly recommend her course.

~ SP, Reiki Master & Retired Educator

The course and material are very practical and intriguing. I appreciated the use of sound, mantra and meditation with sound, the Tibetan singing bowl in particular.

~ CW, Educational Assistant & Yoga Instructor, Sherwood Park AB

The class was excellent. Marci is an excellent teacher and passionate about teaching, animals and of course Reiki. She is very knowledgeable and communicates the material in a great way.

~ LP, Customer Service, Toronto ON

Marci is wonderful, and so are her cats and birds. This was a great experience. I learned a lot and the material was well-presented. The environment was so warm and welcoming - made the day very joyful.

 ~ DJ, Numerologist & Reiki Practitioner

Very good explanation of the differences between animal and people Reiki healing practices.

~ EV, Accountant & Reiki Master

I feel very blessed to have found Marci and been able to take my Animal Reiki Levels I & II with her. She is such a kind-hearted, compassionate, intuitive and enthusiastic teacher, and a gifted Reiki Master and practitioner. I am inspired by her dedication and love of Reiki and its practice.

~ SL, Legal Assistant, Mississauga ON

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master Students

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki training given my Marci is an incredible experience. Marci has a fabulous demeanor - professional and yet loving and supportive. She brings much knowledge and experience to her role as instructor, with a beautiful balance of technical and practical. She easily answered any and all questions I had, sometimes even anticipating my question before I was able to completely understand what I was trying to understand further! I came to this training with the expectation of up-leveling my Reiki skills, but what I received went far beyond that! Continue the excellent job you do!!

~ JH, Reiki Master & ETF Practitioner, Port Perry ON

Usui Reiki Students

Marci is a good communicator, clear and engaging. There was more hands on practice than I expected, and it is so good to learn by doing. I'll never forget the first time I realized I could feel Reiki energy between my palms!

~SL, Massage Therapist, Toronto ON

Timing and presentation were excellent. Use of a variety of teaching methods made new practices accessible. I left with a sense of empowerment in the ability to facilitate healing in myself and others. Thank you!!

~ TW, Yoga Instructor, Sherwood Park AB

Karuna Reiki® Students

Marci is enthusiastic and conveys the material in a heartfelt manner. She brings her vast knowledge of the history to enrich the class. Karuna Reiki® raises the Reiki vibration, allowing you to deliver a more powerful treatment. My hands-on experience as practitioner and recipient was the proof.

~SP, Reiki Master & Retired Educator

Reiki Clients

I have had several Reiki sessions with Marci, with immediate results. I have had severe low back pain for six years due to deteriorating disks, and the pain medication I've been on doesn't do a whole lot for these major pain issues. After a treatment from Marci I am often pain-free for hours or even days. I'm able to clear my mind at the beginning of a Reiki session, and to enter a trance-like state. Marci also plays amazing, "cosmic" music during the treatments, which quickly has me feeling out of my body and leaving my pain below me on the table. At the beginning of one session, Marci said she would invite her guides in, and the results of that session were truly amazing. I was in a cyclone of colour, out of which appeared first my grandfather's face, and then my mother's. My grandfather passed away when I was 5, and my mother when I was 29; I am now 66 years old. I have often felt that my mother is watching over me, and now I know that my grandfather is too. At the end of that session I had this whole sensation of feeling so light, like "Super Woman", like I could leap buildings! I would recommend this to anyone who is dealing with major pain issues. I look forward to each and every Reiki session with Marci and feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with her. I think our "Guides" brought us together.

~ FS, Toronto ON

It is only with the heart that one sees rightly;

what is essential is invisible to the eye.

~ Antoine de Saint Exupéry ~